I know what you mean

A game about definitions for 2 players.


Player 1 thinks of an object, say, a spoon.

P1 - I'm thinking of a spoon
P2 - Cool, what's a spoon?

Player 1 then gives a single-detail description of a spoon.

P1 - It's a tool for eating

Player 2 willfully misinterprets this description for something else that matches that detail.

P2 - Ahh you're thinking of a fork.

Player 1 then has to clarify, by adding another detail.
The description must be positive - you cannot say what its not or doesn't have - e.g.
"It doesn't have prongs" - wrong
"It can pick up liquids" - better

P1 - Well, It's not a fork because it's round.
P2 - Oh you mean a plate.
P1 - Not a plate, because it lifts the food to your mouth
P2 - Oh of course, chopsticks.

And so on and so forth, until Player 2 cannot think of any other option.
Then swap roles and start again!
The goal is to collaboratively extend the description as much as possible, always getting more specific, but still open to misinterpretation.

Thanks to Louis for playtesting and writing up the instruction webpage. Thanks to Erin for playtesting.